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Is your heart still jumping when you see each other? Do you prefer to be together every day? Is this a known feeling? A love shoot is a great way to celebrate the love between you and your partner. During a relaxed photo shoot I capture the love between you. It produces beautiful photos, which you will continue to enjoy looking at many years later. A tangible proof of the love between you.


Love one other

Love fotoshoot

in love

Loveshoot in Noord Brabant


Loveshoot in bos bij Nuenen


The loveshoot takes place at a location that suits you. Maybe you want to go back to the place where you first met? Or perhaps a photo shoot in the forest or the heath suits you well? We discuss this together.


Loveshoots are regularly booked prior to a wedding or after an engagement. The photos can then be used for the wedding invitations. Moreover, you can still get used to the camera. This way you are confidently photographed during the big day.


I photograph you as pure as possible in beautiful light. The golden hour is very suitable for this. The sun is already lower and makes beautiful warm shadows. When the sun has just set, we can also make beautiful images.

Which outfit?

Choose clothes that fit nicely together and the location. Try to avoid busy print and logos.

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For the invitations of our wedding (website) we would like some pictures of us together. After an inventory of our wishes, we set off. No uncomfortable poses in a studio, but nice in the woods, where we could just be ourselves. They have become beautiful pictures.




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