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Reykjavik reisfotografie

Pauline in the spotlight

Hi! My name is Pauline Jongenelen, a graphic designer and photographer. I invite you to explore my website.  My work means more than just taking photos or creating a design. Together with you, I capture valuable memories, as spontaneous and as lively as possible. 


Welcome to my creative world. 


Greetings Pauline


From an early age, I knew I wanted to take pictures. It started with my father's camera; one that still required a physical film. I loved learning to visualise and capture the moment. There is so much beauty in the world to capture. Today I can say that my dream has come true: I have made photography my profession.

Graphic Design

Relying on a degree in Advertising, Presentation and Communication techniques, I have gained extensive experience as a graphic designer. From web design to corporate identity design: you've come to the right place, at the right moment.


I have a passion for styling, colours, shapes, technique and materials. I enjoy making things with my hands. I feel at home in the world of design styling and have worked as a stylist / visual merchandiser for a long time.


I am infected with the travel virus and love to make adventurous trips to all corners of the world.

Travel photography opens up a whole new view of the world. Travelling is so exciting that you can become addicted to it. It is great fun to meet other cultures. Travelling is about obtaining new experiences that broaden your view of the world. Travel photography can capture fantastic majestic moments, sights, nature. Travelling takes you along a path full of adventures and full of experiences, and I wish this path continues forever...




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